Gambling Online and Offline are Legal in UK Under The Strict Regulation and Laws

Gambling Online and Offline are Legal in UK Under The Strict Regulation and Laws

Every country has its own rules and laws related to gambling online including UK and if you want to do the betting business in UK, learn the regulation first. When online casino is still questionable in US, many people start asking the same question when they are in different country like UK. Is gambling online legal in UK or perhaps, is gambling really legal in UK fully? Well it is the advantage for you who live in UK region because gambling is absolutely legal there and it is not just the legal activity because gambling is totally the popular industry in these countries of UK because gambling is the largest contributor to economy of Britain.

Gambling Online and Offline are Huge Contributors for British Economy

You can also see that actually UK becomes the home of many gambling online forms from lotteries, bingo, casino, sports betting and more. The British gambling story goes back long way and perhaps, it can be found in legends and myths. Before the technology has arrived to make you enjoy the online casino, UK has enjoyed the varied and rich gambling history for long time and one example was horse racing because it was the most popular gambling game in the 16th century in these regions.

It was not until the 19th century that bookmaking came in as you know now. Actually, betting happened just between friends mainly. The Gaming Act was made in 1739 to curb many people to bet on the races. The cost to attend the races increased so it can’t be accessed by many people but only those who had money or the wealthy spectators. This gambling legislation’s early example highlights the need of Government to keep the gambling industry honest even if it was not the best democratic solution.

In 20th century, UK has already embraced all gambling forms. Sports betting, lottery and Bingo are the British favorite. After being regulated by the 2005’s Gambling Act, online betting has seen the surge in popularity. In fact, it makes up around 35% of the gambling activity and you can find out it well. The UK Gambling Commission has the responsibility for the licensing the gambling service which is available for those who live in UK. Without licenses, operators are illegal to use this service.

The Gambling Act in UK Gambling Online

It is illegal as well for them to advertise the service to all UK residents. This is just a little piece of legislation which highlights the really fast pace of gambling industry in particular when it comes to the gambling online ventures. In 1960, the Betting and Gambling Act was created to legislate for the commercial bingo halls. It is about the British as the cup of tea and also fish and chips. Firstly, they were just the members to clubs. Meanwhile, Wales is also though to become the first legal casino in UK with Casino Club of Port Talbot.

In 1968, the Gaming Act would pave the wat for more commercial casinos. Those might not be the massive scale casinos of Las Vegas but they will remain famous and popular all the same. The betting shops there were also legalized in 1961. Since it was legal, the legislation was so tough on the bookmakers. It helped to make the gambling industry more honest and at the same time, it boomed to more than 15,000 betting shops appeared in UK. There are only 9,000 betting shops left on high street of UK which is partially because of the surge in situs judi bola.

Ladbrokes, William Hill and Coral have held the monopoly on betting shops for long time in UK and all three of them have stayed in the business by updating the trends and hosting their own sports betting app. When the Gabling Act was established in 2005 to control all gambling forms in UK, there are three objectives conducted by the act. The first one was about preventing gambling from becoming the crime source or disorder and being associated with disorder or crime and also being used to support any criminality.

Second, it would ensure that gambling was conducted in the open and fair way. The last was about protecting underage or children from being harmed and exploited by betting. No matter what the act is, you can do gambling online easily in UK and no need to worry at all because you are allowed to choose the best betting site since all of them are under the strict regulation of UK so the residents can use it without being scared at all.